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For a limited time National Consumer Panel is accepting new members!! Join now!

HomeScan NCP

For a limited time National Consumer Panel is accepting new members… don’t wait!

As a panel member, the National Consumer Panel will provide you with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you’ll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases.

Then, once a week, you’ll send us your purchase information. It’s as easy as that!

Whether you buy a little or a lot, we want your opinions to be heard. Complete the signup form today!

Simply click on the picture above to fill out the registration form and you’ll be on your way!

Top ten instant win games you should be playing

Here are the giveaways that I am entering everyday… try your luck and make sure to let us know if you win :)
1. Viva Towels IWG
2. Great Taste Giveaway
3. Puss In Boots Purrrrrfect Action Pack Giveaway
4. Sun-Maid Happy Holidays 10,000 Ticket Give Away
5. Lee Jeans
6. Black & Decker
7. Oriental Trading Company
8. Simple Acts of Relief | Robitussin®
9. Select 55
10. Publix
An easy way we recommend to play is to bookmark all your instant win games and go through them each day! 

Earn $$ and rewards with a FF trusted site:

MyPoints is another trusted site of ours  that can help you can earn a little extra $$ for holidays, birthdays, gifts, etc. With many sites that want members to join and earn, this site is most definitely on my top 5 that I’ve hung with over the last year. It is so easy to earn and here is a quick rundown on the ways to earn points and redeem rewards:

More Ways to Earn Easy Points
1. Fill Out Surveys: Answering a few questions from us can earn you some quick Points.
2. Play Games: Playing games just got more fun. Earn Points while playing your favorite online games.
3. Read Emails: Whoever thought that reading an email could earn you rewards? Read your emails! (THIS IS OUR FAVORITE WAY)
4. Search the Web: Searching the Web through can also net you Points.
5. Book Travel: You can earn both miles AND rewards Points when you book travel through MyPoints.
6. Print Coupons: Why clip when you can click? Print our online grocery coupons and earn some rewards Points.

Three Ways to Redeem
Your Points For Rewards
1. Gift Cards to Your Favorite Retailers & Restaurants: Your savings never have to end! Redeem Points to receive gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants.
2. Get Cash or Donate It: Receive cash by deposits to your PayPal account or Visa Prepaid card after redeeming Points, or you can do a good deed and donate directly to charity.
3. Take Flight on Free Miles: Use Points for travel miles to finally take that trip you’ve been waiting for.


I LOVE and have been a member for quite some time and love how easy it is to earn. Before you think its required that you spend money to earn points, I assure you that most of my points have been earned just from checking my emails and clicking on the links to gain points! A few times I’ve done surveys or made a purchase, but I like sites that pay for my time and Mypoints is a great site that can make checking your emails pay!

Most of the time all you have to do is click the link in emails just to earn points! Make sure that the page loads so that you gain your points and then all you have to do is close it! Many emails also offer bonus points if you make a purchase, but I try to stick to just getting what I can redeem for free and that can work for you too!

Here is a pic of me cashing out with my $25 Amazon Gift Certificate that will be mailed right to my house!

Now, it did take me a few months to earn this amount and you won’t get rich.. but for me it breaks down to being at least $5 a month and with my other sites that adds up for just checking emails! If you purchase online, make sure to check to see if they partner with mypoints and you will get bonus points for your purchase!

To join mypoints CLICK HERE and make sure to let us know when you cash out with your first reward!

The secret to earning $$ with Superpoints

I’m just like many of you.. I don’t like programs that require me to spend money or have me sitting at the computer all day to make $0.10.

The Superpoints Network is a collection of sites where you can win and earn Superpoints™ that can be redeemed for great rewards. Superpoints is an invitation ONLY program that ensures that those that join… really want to!

If you are interested in joining and earning $$ with me.. (sign up HERE) lets talk first about what Superpoints REALLY is about!

The key to making Superpoints work for you is knowing the easiest way to earn! Here is a quick rundown of the strategy to make it to platinum level:

Day 1: Everyone starts with no level. This when your referrer gets an email that you joined and can’t wait to hear questions to help you! You want to make sure to use your 5 clicks on the super lucky button and share any wins with friends on Facebook, twitter, email, etc… just in case they want to join too!

Its easy to make it to Basic! JUST by confirming your email and completing your basic profile you can score the Basic level before the end of day 1.. how easy is THAT? Now.. make SURE to go back and use your extra super lucky button clicks.. you should have 25 more!

Day 2: Today your goal is completing your profile and uploading a pic! Make sure to use your 30 lucky button clicks and now you want to focus on using your referral link to gain 2 people that will make it to basic (remember.. all Basic means is a join, confirmation, and basic info!). The quicker you do this the better because as SOON as you reach 2 referrals you start to earn what they earn! You can either offer it to everyone you can and say first come first serve.. OR pick your closest friends and get them to join. But WHATEVER you do.. make sure you know the rules. Only one account per household and no fake profiles.. they DO check and the accounts WILL be deleted. Maybe not today or tomorrow.. but they will catch it. Make sure your referrals will be legit and genuine :)

Hopefully you are able to reach Gold level (2 basic referrals) before the end of day 2.. make SURE to go back and use your extra clicks! You should have an additional 20 clicks and those could mean more points!!

The ultimate goal is to reach platinum level with 5 referrals and having 100 clicks on the SuperLucky button each day! This can mean major daily points from you and your referrals and will mean prizes in no time! I also love to do a daily reminder to use your clicks. I do mine early in the AM and try to remember to post to the Frugal Floridians Facebook Page to remind others to log in too! This is a great way to remind your referrals and being in new ones.. when they see you earning points and see how easy it is they will want to join too! Here are some things to remember as a member:

By the end of week 1 I had over 5 referrals, and cashed out with my first $5 Amazon gift card… it can be done!

Now you’ve nailed your referrals.. lets talk points! Here are our top 5 tips for earning:

1. Use the super lucky button EVERYDAY! Its up to you when you do it but make sure to use ALL of your daily clicks! I’m a firm believer in super late at night or super early in the AM as less people are online trying to win!

2. Refer, Refer, REFER! As you saw above referring is the key.. it gets you quicker prizes, more luck button tries, more points, and overall MORE PRIZES!! You earn up to 1,000 points for each member you refer.. so the keeps the referrals coming! Also, be sure to offer to help your referrals! Many sign up and never log in again because they still aren’t sure how it works. Create you own tutorial or send them here to ours! See why they haven’t started earning and see if you can help :)

3. Look for quick videos to watch to earn easy points! You can find them under “Get points” then “watch videos” and are an easy way to earn daily!

4. Post earnings to you blog, wall, and tell friends! The easiest way to talk about Superpoints is by SHOWING how you earn! Take screen shots, pics, whatever works for you and show others that it works for you!

5. Check you email for your lucky emails! Lucky Mail is sent on a daily basis, and it happens throughout the day. You could receive anywhere from 1 Super point to 200 (maybe even more) just for clicking the daily link in your email. I have received a few 10’s, one or two 25’s, a 75, and a WHOLE lot of 1’s and 2’s.. but hey.. it all adds up!

Yes.. its just that easy and here are a few screenshots from my first week of membership to show just how easy Superpoints is!!


This is after only ONE week and I already have 619 pts!!  (500pts = $5)

Here I am cashing out with my FIRST $5 Amazon Gift Card after only ONE week!



Here is proof of why you want to use the Lucky button EVERY day!! I won 11 times that day!

And here I am cashing out with my 2ND $5 Amazon gift card on day 9!!


Now. There are many other ways to earn with Superpoints but we suggest you exercise extreme caution in certain offers they display that can be found under “get points” then “complete offers.” Many require credit card info, purchases, or downloads and are not generally any activity that FF is interested in doing. Stick to the button, videos, and referrals and do your research on other tasks. Some require Facebook likes that are acceptable to me but my IT guy (AKA the “hubby”) highly recommends that you avoid any downloads to earn points. Its just not worth it for the 10 pts if you get a virus (TRUST ME :))

If you have any other questions please let me know and good luck earning with Superpoints! I’m hoping to rack up some Christmas help.. its coming fast!

I’m sure you are super excited to sign up! Head HERE to sign up and make sure to let us know how much you love earning too!