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Here’s a great way to see the examples of my favorite shopping trips.. I lay out the products, the coupons, the discounts, and even top it off with a picture!


Dairy Queen’s Facebook page released some GREAT info for fans!! Here is the update they posted:

DQ is celebrating you the customer! Customer Appreciation Day will take place TODAY or 1/29 with deals at your local DQ. Find you a participating location and the offer!”

Now, I’m seeing a LOT of frustration on their Facebook page as fans that are upset MANY locations are not participating.. check here to see what the schedule is for your local stores (if they are even participating)…

Locals.. I already did the searching for you and here are the local participating stores:

DQ in Niceville, FL is honoring customer appreciation on Jan 26th (Today) ONLY

DQ on University Parkway in Pensacola, FL is honoring customer appreciation on Jan 29th ONLY

And that’s IT for all of our locations!! Santa Rosa mall store is NOT participating!


Today’s deal on Plum district is an awesome deal for papa murphys!! Get a $10 GC for only $5 (limited to 10,000 offers)!

Here’s an awesomely delicious combo: somebody makes a pizza for you with all your favorite toppings, using fresh ingredients, and then you get to bake it at home, claim all the credit, and enjoy it piping hot.

That’s the idea behind Papa Murphy’s take ‘n’ bake pizza shops. Drop in and order one of your favorite pizzas (including stuffed-crust and thin-crust varieties) or design your own from over 20 toppings. Watch as it’s made right in front of you, bring it home, pop it in the oven, and bingo: pizza perfection. Papa Murphy’s even has appetizers, salads, and desserts to round out your meal.

This $10 gift card is good for anything on the menu. Sound too good to be true? It’s not … but your pizza will taste that way.

*I did not see any mention of not allowing coupons when using the gift card, but I HIGHLY suggest speaking with your local store to see if you can use the gift card + a coupon (If so… AWESOME deal!!)!! Join the Papa Murphy’s email club to receive valuable coupons by email!


Kim M. sent me a picture of her Publix shopping trip where she matched 4 BOGO coupons for Kelloggs Special K cereal with the BOGO store that Publix has ending today!! Check out her great pic showing her receipt of approx. $32 worth of cereal (8 boxes) for FREE!! I’m heading there later this afternoon for sure!! Thanks Kim!

If you would like to print 2 coupons for 4 FREE boxes read my other post here and MAKE SURE to make it to your nearest Publix today (new ad starting tomorrow)! To get more than 2 coupons, you must print them out on a separate computer or have printed them last month when the coupon was offered!