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Here’s a great way to see the examples of my favorite shopping trips.. I lay out the products, the coupons, the discounts, and even top it off with a picture!

Shopping at Publix… the Frugal Floridians way!!

Today was the first time I got out to go for a big shopping trip in quite a while… between the move and working full time now I wanted to make sure and run in before the ad ended for my local Publix this week. I ran in with a handwritten list based on the ad that matched up to the coupons that I had and a folder full of some great coupons I printed from the Target coupon website. Here’s a quick rundown on what I was able to get.. please excuse the lack of a pic!

(4) 64 oz Gatorade BOGO @ @1.97 for 2
(2) Minutemaid 10-pack Apple juice @ $2 each [Used (2) $1 MF coupons from + (2) $1`Publix “summer” flyer coupon]
(1) Publix milk @ 3.89
(3) Hunts Spaghetti Sauce @ $1 each
(2) Smuckers Jelly @ $2.49 each [Used (2) $0.55 OFF MF coupons + (2) $0.75 OFF Publix coupon from yellow in-store flyer
(2) Smart Butter tubs BOGO @ $2.89 for 2
(1) Planters Peanut Butter @ $2.59 [Used Vocalpoint $2 OFF MF printable coupon]
(2) McCormicks Grill Mates BOGO @ $1.99 each [Used (2) $1 OFF Publix coupons from “summer” flyer]
(4) Nabisco cookie packs BOGO @ $2.95 each [Used (1) B2G1 FREE Target coupon] Leaving me buying 1 and getting 3 free!
(1) Bunch of bananas @ $1.81
(2) Bagelfuls BOGO @ $2.50 for 2 [Used (2) $0.55 OFF MF coupons]
(10) Lunchables w/ fruit @ $3 each [Used (3) $0.75 OFF Target coupons + (3) $1 OFF 2 Target coupons + (5) $1 OFF 2 MF coupons as peelie by product in-store]
(2) Fiber One brownies @ 3.69 each [Used (2) $2 OFF peelie Publix coupons + (2) $0.75 OFF MF coupons]
(10) Fiber One 80 calorie cereal @ $4.09 each [Used (10) $2 OFF peelie Publix coupons + (10) $1 OFF MF coupons]
(2) Toufayan Pita packs BOGO @ 1.29 for 2
(1) Tortilla pack @ $1.59
(1) Yoplait Yougurt 4 pack @ $2 [Used FREE coupon from Yoplait prize pack received fall of 2010]
(1) $50 gas card
(1) Family combo meal (rotisserie chicken + 2 sides + rolls) $10.59


$50 gas card for $40  when you spend $25
Buy $50 get a $10 Publix GC
Buy $20 and save $5
**I was able to use all three because they all required spending $95 (25+50+20)… this was a BIG help in the total and I handed these coupons to the cashier BEFORE any of the other ones!!!

TOTAL AFTER COUPONS: $104.86    WOOHOO!! Even with the gas card AND the family combo meal I still saved 50%  AND walked out with a $10 Publix GC :)

Make sure to send us your shopping trips and you could be featured as a Featured Frugal Friend!


Today was the last day of this week’s ad and I guess I had a few coupons burning up my binder.. lol. I headed in to see what I could find and was delighted to see there was enough to do two transactions. I got a few of the $5 off $30 coupons from the paper last Wednesday and made sure to go just over $30 each time I checked out. Many of the things that I bought did have a “FREE coupon” but we from posts that we feature right on this blog!! Make sure to let us know if you have a great shopping trip and you could be featured here on the blog! Here is the the rundown of our trip today:


1 bag of Kraft shredded cheese @ 3.79 [Used FREE product coupon received by mail from being Kraft First Taste]
1 bag of Kraft BIG slice @ $2.99 (Used “$1 off 1″ coupon from coupon machine in-store]
Also used $1 off 2 Kraft products printed from [Check to see what competitor coupons your store accepts!!]
2 boxes of Lean Pocket Pretzel bread 2-packs @ $1.67 each (Used BOGO coupon printed online – no longer available]
2 Powerbar snack bars @ $1 each [Used Publix BOGO store coupon from Publix “summer” magazine]
1 Yoplait yogurt 4-pack @ $2 [Used FREE product coupon from blogging opportunity]
1 Oscar Meyer Sandwich Combo @ $3.50 [Used FREE product coupon received by mail from being Kraft First Taste]
1 Oscar Meyer Deli Combo @ $3.00 [Used FREE product coupon received by mail from being Kraft First Taste]
2 boxes of Superpretzel BOGO on sale @ $3.19 each [Used 2 “$0.50 off 1″ coupons]
4 pints of Dove Ice Cream BOGO on sale @ $3.49 each [Used 4 “$1 off 1″ coupons]
MADE SURE to hand them the $5 off $30 coupon BEFORE any other coupons!!

Total out of pocket: $4.25           Total Savings: $40.38


6 boxes of Muellers Pasta @ $1.09 each [Used 6 “$1 off 1″ coupons printed from joining the Mueller’s newsletter online]
20 Pure protein snack bars @ $1.25 each [Used 10 BOGO coupons that were in the 6/5 Red Plum (RP) insert]
MADE SURE to hand them the $5 off $30 coupon BEFORE any other coupons!!

Total out of pocket: $8.04          Total Savings: $23.50

***All of the FREE coupons that I mention were featured on Frugal FLoridians at one time or another over the past few months! They are coupons that we have been able to apply for online and have been able to either print them or received them by mail from the manufacturer.  They are coupons that allow you to get one of the featured product for FREE!! Make sure to check our page frequently and if we find one you all will be the first to find out!!


Our town was SUPPOSED to have a celebration this weekend with outdoor movies and fireworks.. but with all the rain that has been canceled both of the last two days. Soooo what do I do? Pack up and go for a run to CVS!! This was a stellar deal and I don’t have a pic, but here is the rundown of what I got with the deals that ended tonight!

5 Powerade 32oz @ $1 each [Buy 5 and get $2 in Extra Care Bucks back]

2 Boxes of John Freida Hair dye @ $12.99 each (Used 2 FREE product coupons + got Buy 2 get $3 in Extra Care Bucks back]

2 cans of Pringles SuperStack @ $1.77 each (Purchased to use towards Pringles Speaker Rebate)

Used $5 off $30 coupon [Received by email for linking my CVS card to my email.. I get them quite frequently]
*NOTE: I handed this coupon to them FIRST before any others.. because my total had to be over $30 for computer to accept!!

Used $2 off CVS Purchase coupon [Received by email for completing survey as part of CVS advisor panel]

TOTAL OOP: $2.05


Yeah!! Paid $2.95 to shop + receipt shows total saved was $37.43 ;)


I really haven’t had a chance to coupon that often since I was gearing up to part 3 of the CPA exam. I was super excited to get to head out today and had Food World, Publix, and Winn Dixie as my go to stores. I always check the ads online and knew exactly what I was there for before even walking out of the house. I had all my needed coupons in an envelope, but made sure to bring my binder just in case I ran into any great clearance items or unexpected sales! Here is what I was able to score: :)


6 Boxes of Mueller’s Pasta @ 1.00 each
(Used 6 “$1 off 1” coupons received from signing up for their newsletter online)

2 Boxes of Mueller’s Jumbo Shell Pasta @ $1.30 each
(Used 2 “$1 off 1” coupons received from signing up for their newsletter online)
8 cans of Peanut Patch Cajun boiled Peanuts @ 1.00 each
(Used 8 “$0.35 off 1” coupons from 5/8 SS insert) COUPONS
DOUBLED to total $0.70 off each can
2 Boxes of Equal Pink Packets @ 1.39 each     Not pictured above.. oops :)
(Used 2 “$1 off 1” coupons that were right on the product!!)
7 Boxes of Duncan Hines Brownie mix @ 1.00 each
(Used 7 “$0.50 off 1” coupons from 4/10 SS insert) COUPONS DOUBLED to total $1 off each box

TOTAL Out of pocket = 4.76  (Total saved = 24.20)



2 Cartons of Breyers Ice Cream @ 5.99 each on sale for BOGO
(Used “$1.50 off 2” printable Manufacturer Coupon (Facebook) + “$1.50 off  2” printable)
2 Boxes of Duncan Hines Brownie Mix @ 2.09 each on sale for BOGO
(Used 2 “$0.50 off 1” coupons)
1 Bag of PopChips @ $2.89 each
(Used “FREE product” coupon from facebook promotion that is now over)

Total Out Of Pocket = $4.08  (Total Saved = $14.97)



9 Packages of Johnsonville Italian Sausage @ $3.50 each
(Used one “FREE product” coupon + 8 “$1.50 off 1” coupons)
1 Gallon of 2% milk @ $3.85

Total Out of Pocket = $17.46    (Total savings = $39.40)


So.. all in all I spent $26.30 and had a savings of $78.57…. that’s $105 in groceries resulting in a 75% savings!! Not too bad for 3 stops and about 3 hours of our time!! It took us about an hour to plan out our trip and approx 2 hours to hit all three stores! Let us know how your shopping trips go as well.. we love to see our fans saving $$ too!!


I was SOO excited to get to go out and shop today! I haven’t done much of anything but studying over the last two weeks and it was nice to go get some much needed things!! My plan of attack was at Publix.. they didn’t have an awesome ad but I had quite a few free items and a Winn-Dixie coupon that I knew they would accept..

Transaction #1

(10) 20oz Cokes @ 1.59 (Used (10) 99 cent OFF coupons – from Coke AMA party we hosted a few months ago)

Kashi Go Lean Crisp cereal @ 2.50 (Used $3 off coupon (and cashier let it go) – coupon from Vocal point sample box)

One Beyond dry dog food @ 7.99 (FREE coupon – coupon from past Facebook offer)

Planters Bagged almonds @ 2.99 (FREE coupon – from past Facebook offer)

Ceaser bagged do treats @ $3 (FREE coupon – won from online instant game NOW OVER)

Yoplait yogurt @ 2.00 (FREE coupon – received from

Publix brand bacon @ 4.59 ($1 OFF meat item – received from Publix by mail through baby club)

3 Pillsbury toaster strudels @ 2.39 (3 FREE coupons – won online from instant win game NOW OVER)

3 packs of Publix brand gravy @ 0.79 each

2 Dove chocolate bars @ 0.89 (2 FREE coupons – won online via Dove twitter contest)

(2) Friendship cottage cheese @ 2.00 each (2 $1 OFF coupons – from instore coupon machine)

(2) Old wise Beef stick @ 0.50 each – shopping snack.. no coupon :)


The FIRST coupons I handed to here were a Publix “$5 off $30″ from last Wednesday’s paper and a Winn-Dixie “$5 off $55″ coupon that Publix matches!! You want to hand those type of coupons FIRST before you lower your total under the required amount to use ($55).


Then.. JUST as I was walking out I passed a setup with this flyer hanging:

These coupons (top + bottom ones) matched quite nicely with the BOGO green giant vegetable sale going on… so back in the line I went!!

Transaction #2

20 cans of various green giant vegetables 1.29 each + BOGO sale

BEGINNING TOTAL BEFORE COUPONS: 12.90 (BOGO price automatically applied)

I used the “$5 off 20 products purchase” + 5 “$1 off 4 cans of green giant vegetable” coupons


Oh man.. it was great.. I may even go back and get some more vegetables for family and maybe to even donate to a shelter.. can you imagine that instead of a $20 donation I could drop off 200 cans of vegetables!! Anyone else get anygreat deals?? Let me know!

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