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Head HERE to redeem yours and make sure to use the code GETONEFREE (good through 8/21). Select local store pick-up for a $0.00 total, or if you don’t have a Walgreens near you and just want to surprise someone – shipping is 99 cents.

Code use of 1 per customer. Order must be placed by logged-in customers by 8/21/12 (But can be picked up another day or at earliest convenience). Timing is determined by Walgreens server clock. Only 1 free 8×10 print per customer.  Cannot combine with other offers. Credit will be applied to account page & visible in cart at checkout.

Also, be advised that Walgreens is now very strict and will not releasing professional photos without an official release statement from the photographer. If your photo even “looks” professional you might have to provide a release statement of your own to get the photo!! I learned this getting prints of the photo shown above even though I took the photo myself!

Spin to win with Shell Fuel Rewards Network!

I was SO excited to go get gas today!

I’ve been saving up my gas rewards and today was the day that we needed a fill up on both cars so we headed to our local Shell to see what damage we could do!

Since both of our cars only hold 10 gallons and the rewards are on a one-time 20 gallon fill up it seems silly not to try and timethe fill ups for when we are both almost on E!

Before we tell you about our awesome trip here is a few facts about the Fuel Rewards program and why we think you should Spin and Join… after all its FREE!

1. Join the Fuel Rewards Network™ (FRN) program.

Sign up for a card after you Spin to Save and you’ll be lucky enough to start off your membership with a discount of $0.25/gallon just for joining! You get three spins to try to get $0.25 but if you don’t get it the first try you can always refresh the page and it will let you spin again!! Keep doing this until you hit $0.25 off per gallon,  FREE fillup, or fuel for a Year! But the rewards don’t stop there! After registering your online account, you get a referral link where you can earn an additional $0.05/gallon for each friend that spins the wheel too! YES!

2. Link your cards to start earning Fuel Rewards® savings.

Its great to earn rewards but its no fun when they are stretched out across multiple rewards cards. With Fuel Rewards you can link all your FRN™ program retailers’ rewards cards to your account to combine Fuel Rewards savings earned across participating grocery and retail locations (Even Winn Dixie!), restaurants and online merchant purchases. DOUBLE YES!

3. Shop and earn Fuel Rewards® savings.

Simply shop at participating grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, Shell stations and  online merchants to earn Fuel Rewards savings.

4. Fuel and save at the pump!

Fuel up at a participating Shell station near you, insert your FRN™ Card at the pump, and watch your price drop.
That’s how easy it is to save with the Fuel Rewards Network program.

Now… I’m sure at this point you’re saying this has GOT to be too good to be true.. so here’s the pinch:

We JUST ran to the gas station and our dreams became reality when we swiped our Fuel Rewards card and here is the price we had to pay for 19 gallons of gas:

Yes! You are seeing that right and the cashier was shocked when she saw my receipt!

What would of cost our family over $63 to fill up the family vehicles ended up only damaging my wallet with a $2 price tag! This just goes to show that even with rising gas prices there are ways to beat the price at the pump!

We challenge you to take your turn to Spin to Save with Fuel Rewards and be sure to let us know how much you save.

And just remember that every friend saves you another $1 on your 20 gallon purchase and if they spin the wheel they can save $5 on their first 20 gallon fill up… I can just hear the piggy banks getting full!

Good Luck and happy saving!

HOT Newsletters you want to be subscribed to!

Here is a few newsletters you will WANT to join if you have these restaurants near you!!

Emails are one of the best ways to get up to date coupons to your favorite restaurants.

Click the pics below and sign up now!


Stir Crazy is in 19 locations in 11 states: TX, FL, MI, MO, NY, OH, WI, FL, IL, IN, MN, TX, GA


Boston Market has 31 locations in FL and VA


On the Border has 121 stores in 29 states:


MO, NC, NY, OH, OK, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, and VA


Flat Top Grill has 25 locations in 5 states: MI, AL, IL, IN, WI