Introducing the new Purex PowerShot™ Detergent

I’m always looking forward to trying the new Purex products and was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try their NEW Purex® PowerShot™ detergent!

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The new bottle was quite a change to the usual pour bottle and I felt it did need a quick review of the directions. When it poured out it did seem that it was a small amount of liquid in comparison to what I am used to putting in the washer but I took that time to remember that it was a concentrated product.

After the wash I was pleasantly surprised with the result of the laundry. I had pre-treated a few items in my son’s laundry and the purex laundry was great at doing the rest of the work while in the wash. I checked on a few of the shirts that were in that first load and even after a week they still have a great clean smell as they hang int he closet waiting for my son’s next soccer practice.

Purex® PowerShot™ is a super-concentrated liquid detergent with auto-dosing technology that provides a no-mess, no-guesswork solution to laundry care.

Simplify the laundry routine!

  • Auto-dosing technology does the measuring for you
  • No guesswork and no mess makes doing laundry easier
  • Super-concentrated formula with 50% more stain fighting power per drop

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