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Swagbucks.com allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing many things they do every day – searching the web, watching SwagTV, completing special offers, playing games, completing trusted surveys, purchasing daily deals, completing “No Obligation Special Offers” (NOSO), printing and using coupons off coupons.com, recycling electronics, and answering daily polls. The virtual currency can then be traded in for stuff in the SwagStore (products, giftcards, etc).

Most popular seems to be redeeming the $5 Amazon Gift cards to be used on Amazon.com.. as by $1 per Swagbucks analysis (shown below) it is cheaper to buy smaller value gift cards then larger value so don’t bother saving up… keep cashing out!

As of April 2012:
In the Swagstore, If you get a $50 Amazon GC you are paying 118SB per $1
In the Swagstore, If you get a $25 Amazon GC you are paying 126SB per $1
In the Swagstore, If you get a $5 Amazon GC you are only paying 90SB per $1 :) [This is your BEST price!!]

As soon as I hit 450 Swagbucks I buy a $5 Amazon Gift Card and apply it to my amazon account balance for later. Now, Swagbucks redemption rules state that there is a limit on Swagstore purchases of 2 per day and 5 per month. Also most giftcards are E-giftcards and take about a week and a half to process so be SURE to account for these if you are planning to save up for holiday, birthdays, etc. The key is to plan ahead and you will have a nice balance in your amazon account for any purchases you would like to make!


Basically your best bet is downloading the tool bar from here and any time you need to search something (when you would normally “google it”).. you can search in an open window from the tool bar and try for earning swagbucks! After searching a couple times throughout the day, you will start seeing that you win “swagbucks” on searches! If you are a winner you will know when a big swagbucks dollar bill appears at the top of the screen. BEWARE that you will have to input a captcha to gain credit for the search (this prevents using robots to search for you)so be sure to do that before you leave the page or you will forfeit your reward. I try to do at least 5 searches in the morning, afternoon, evening, and before bed.

I search random terms or use for doing homework, studying, research, etc. and do about 5-8 to see if I win anything. If I’m unable to hit a win after 10 or so tries, I will come back later till I catch something. Swagbucks does flag accounts that do excessive searches (over 20 times in only a few minutes), so if you don’t catch anything walk away and try in about an hour or so.

After a few days you should start to get a feel for the process.. and if you use it as a beginner you could redeem points to get at least $5 – $10 bucks in giftcards each month.

There is also a way to get 4SB a day (SUPER EASY)..

#1 DAILY POLL: If you go to swagbucks.com and go under “earn” and select “daily polsl” (as shown in pic above) and answer the daily poll question and you will get 1 swagbuck everyday!! Sometimes you will even get an additional opportunity to watch a video or complete a small task for a few more SB!

#2 NOSO: Go to “NOSO” (No Obligation Special Offers) under “earn” (as shown in pic above) and you can skip through 5 or 6 ads and get another 2 swagbucks everyday!!

#3 TOOLBAR USE: Just utilizing the toolbar mentioned (must be downloaded to use) above everyday will get you 1 swagbuck daily!!

*At end of article there is a link to a video my friend made completing these tasks. It is a little outdated and may look a little different than the Swagbucks page does now.. but the functionality is the same!*

Keep in mind, JUST completing the daily tasks every day for a year will score you over 1440 a year!! As of now a $5 Amazon Gift Card (AGC) = 450 SB so that’s over $17 for a minute a day!

**Many believe you can’t win much unless you shop and spend money.. I can honestly say that the amount that I earned in 2 months was $70 in AGC and only $10 of that was from shopping.. I do the daily tasks, search as much as I can, and ALWAYS try to catch the codes!!**

As an added bonus, there are additonal opportunities to make BIG swagbucks on Fridays!! On Fridays they have what is called Mega SwagBucks day where the average search win is generally double the value of other days! You will search on swagbucks.com as you normally would, but you will notice that the average win is usually much higher than any other days!! I love Mega Bucks Day!


Sometimes a code is released, usually through the Swagbucks blog, from their facebook account, featured in the toolbar, on the swidget (see end of article), or their twitter account, or the chat bar at the bottom of the Swagbucks Homepage. Sometimes they are just given and sometime you have to do a little searching to find them, but its generally pretty easy after the third or fourth time doing it. There are many ways to subscribe to get hints on codes that are out.. but if I see one I will post updates to the Frugal Floridians Facebook account under posts that begin with “SWAGFRIENDS… CODE ALERT” If a code is a search/solve type I try to be available for questions on Facebook. If I am not.. your best bet is going to the Swag Bucks Facebook page and talking to other Swag Bucks users! Once you find the code, use copy and go to the swagbucks homepage and input the code in the text box as shown below.

Make SURE you didn’t copy any spaces… and remember codes ARE case sensitive… also if the many codes are one-time use codes and expire in about 30 sec. I recommend ALREADY having the swagbucks homepage open BEFORE you look for the code, that way when you find it you can copy and past to submit the code before it expires. If you do find that the code expired, all you have to do is refresh the page the code is located on (by using “F5″ on your keyboard). If codes are featured on the toolbar, or in a swaghunt the last 5 or so numbers/letters change each time you refresh the page. After you input the code on the swagbucks homepage, click “GIMME” and it should tell you the amount of the code is added to your account!

Still unsure how Swagbucks codes work? No worries!! Swagbucks created a great page where you can go and learn more about the methods of release and how to make sure you don’t run out of time trying to figure it out!!


If there are any other questions please let me know!!





I tried to write the best post I can, but for any additional inquiries I suggest you check it out from the swagbucks “HOW IT WORKS” page for the most up to date Swagfriend info!

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