We were so lucky to find out that we were going to get to give our little guy a chance to do a review on a product that you may have seen on the show “Shark Tank.” Sendaball Inc. is a family business headquartered in Chicago. It is owned by a couple of BALLSY sisters who live across the street from each other in the same Chicago neighborhood they grew up in. They have been sending balls since the 90s, but one day in 2003, it seemed this CRAZY idea was meant to be a BUSINESS.

How did it start? They first made a practice of sending silly things in the mail over the years. One day in Osco, Michele saw a BIN of bouncy balls, grabbed one and thought “I can mail this”. Took a sharpie, addressed it to her BFF Sharon, wrote “Have BALL with your new baby”, went to the post office and mailed it. Sharon loved it so much, they started sending them again and again to other friends. A few years later while standing in line at the post office, a guy behind Michele asked about the balls and asked if she could send one for him. Initially she instructed him in the steps to do it himself, but by the time we got to the front of the line, he had given Michele the info and $5. Laughing, she called her sister and told her how funny that just was. She said, ” MICH, I THINK WE ARE ONTO SOMETHING”.

What’s the craziest ball they’ve ever sent?  An NHL Hockey player sent two separate Greeting Balls to a fellow NHL player: they said: I’m sending you these because you don’t have any – now ask her marry you!”

Now for the review! I had to make sure my little guy was with me each day to check the mail.. he knew a surprise was coming but didn’t know what!! Enjoy our video and see how much he liked his surprise :)


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What does the little guy have to say about Sendaball? I love the ball! It’s really cool and I like that they wrote on it just for me! The ball was so much fun to play with today and I want to thank them for it!

Such a neat product and available for purchase online! SendaBall costs $16 plus shipping (which is $4 in most cases) and you can personalize the message, the color, and more at… ALSO… they were awesome enough to give Frugal Floridians fans a $3 discount to use with your purchase.. just use code “Question1191” at checkout!

As a last note.. head HERE for any questions you may have about the service, purchase, or the ball delivery from and a BIG thanks to Michele at Sendaball for the great opportunity for the review!